What is a Single Landing Page Website?


Start up with a single landing page

You start up with your business and you wanted to jump in straight to let the people know about your business on the internet. You are not ready yet for a full blown website and you wanted to promote your business and let people find you on search results. Perhaps a single landing page is all you need for now

What is a single landing page you ask?

It is what it says it is! When you acquire a domain for your website, it is just a domain name eg. www.mybusinessonline.com. Your registrar will set their default landing page to let people know that this domain is active and currently registered. A landing is a page where a URL will take you to see what is on that page.

a landing page of a registered domain from 123 Reg without hosting
a landing page of a registered domain with hosting without an custom index file

Perhaps your business only requires an index file also known as a single page landing page or a single page website.

What can I have with a single page website?

If you plan it well, you can maximize your single page website when you are not yet ready for a full blown content to fill your website. A single page website may have the following


A header may contain your logo as well as navigation links. The navigation links we are talking about here are links that take you through the different sections of your single page website. It doesn’t take you anywhere else outside that page. A standard 5 navigation links are normally applied to a single landing page


You can split your content into sections to help your visitors focus on each topic of your content. You cannot put much on a section, normally enough to fill a full screen. Here are some sections a web developer may suggest to maximize your page. This is where each navigation link at your header will take you.

  • a slider banner section to showcase your services
  • about section to introduce yourself and your business
  • services section to summarise your services, perhaps few image galleries
  • contact section with a contact form, business address, contact number, or even google maps
  • social media section to place your newsletter signup, social media account links.

External Links

You may have external links for example links to your social media or even your marketplace such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. 


a footer may contain your privacy policy, term and conditions, as well as a discrete information about who built your website.

So there you have it, a single page website. Please get in touch if you ever need one.


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