Turn off Open Cart 3.x Theme Editor Caching


The Case

I have been using Dreamweaver to code my website since the beginning of my coding years. Well, since Dreamweaver was Macromedia. If not, using Notepad++ as editor on Filezilla. Hey but wait, when I upload my changes, nothing happens.

Open Cart 3.x.x

When Open Cart 3 was introduced, major changes happened in the theme section of the platform. The theme now uses the Twig PHP Engine. Cool. The theme editor also have this caching feature where you can only edit the code through the theme editor module in the admin. As a Dreamweaver code editor, NOT cool. Because any changes I made and upload, is not reflected when I refresh the page. The only way to make the changes is to go to Design>Theme Editor. Open the file the file you have edited and just click save without doing anything else.

Open Cart | Theme Editor

Disable the Theme Editor Cache

Go ahead and go to the Dashboard. There is a new Cog button at the top right, see my arrow. Please click.

Open Cart | Dashboard

The Developer Settings popup window appears.

Open Cart | Developer Settings

Go ahead and click those Red buttons (Off). Then click each amber buttons to refresh.

There is another thing you need to check. Go back to the Theme Editor and delete all theme histories. The only history you need is the current content  of the twig files. If you don’t remove these, clearing the cache is pointless. You will be stuck with the last history of the file you modified.

Just make sure to turn the caching back on when the website goes live. Whatever it is for, it is there for a reason.

Open Cart | Theme Editor History

That’s it! I hope that you are happy to code using your favourite code editor.


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